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Anthony Hasan @ Jolie Plastic Surgery

Dr. Anthony Hasan
Miami, FL
Dr. Anthony Hasan is praised in plastic surgery circles for his artistry and natural abilities in performing cosmetic procedures. At Jolie Plastic Surgery, Dr. Hasan is one of the most sought after plastic surgeons. Known his fabulous TUBA scarless breast implants, for Lipo 360, and Brazilian Butt Lifts, Dr. Anthony Hasan is in high demand.

The Trans-Umbilical Breast Augmentation, TUBA for short, is a surgical technique which uses an incision at the navel to insert the breast implant by tunneling up to the breast pocket, resulting in no scarring. At Jolie Plastic Surgery, Dr. Hasan is our resident TUBA expert, with over 2,000 TUBAS performed throughout his career (so far!)

Dr. Hasan is also well known for his Lipo 360. A liposuction procedure which addresses the trouble areas of the midsection such as the lower abdomen, love handles, and bra rolls, Dr. Hasan’s liposculpture technique allows him to reveal a harmonious hourglass shape in each of his Lipo 360 patients. The results speak for themselves; peruse his before and after gallery and you will find scores of breathtaking results.

If Dr. Hasan was a wizard, the liposuction cannula would be his wand. Dr. Hasan is also renowned for his fat transfer to buttocks, commonly referred to as a Brazilian Butt Lift. Patients in the hands of Dr. Hasan for a BBL get the added benefit of his liposuctioning skills since liposuction is needed to harvest the fat which is to be transferred to the buttocks. The results are always stellar, as he is able to create a classic hourglass figure in each of his patients.

No matter which procedure a patient chooses to have performed by Dr. Hasan, it is certain that each patient will receive individual attention and care from the staff at Jolie Plastic Surgery each step of the way. From the moment a patient contacts Jolie Plastic Surgery right through the post-operative phase, the caring staff is there to ensure the patient is informed, prepared, and as comfortable as possible. Dr. Hasan performs each procedure at Jolie Plastic Surgery’s state of the art facility, located in one of the world’s plastic surgery meccas, Miami Florida!